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The city of Groningen is the capital of the province with the same name located in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is the largest city in the North and very well connected by road and rail to the rest of the country as well as neighbouring Germany. As a lively university city, Groningen has the youngest average population in Holland. The city centre boasts numerous historic buildings and countless shops and boutiques. The city centre was once elected ‘Holland’s best’ because of its unique charm and atmosphere. See also tips from, Visit Groningen and tips from the University to Discover Groningen.

Check out this article by the New York Times: “Want to See Amsterdam? How About Groningen Instead?”
Also see this article by the Lonely Planet: “Where to wet your whistle in Groningen: the 10 best bars and cafes”

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen was founded in 1614 and has a long tradition of education, innovation, and research. We are consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and have one of the largest international student communities in the Netherlands. In fact, of our 30,000 students, 6,000 are international students from over 120 different nationalities. For more information about University of Groningen, see Why Choose Groningen?

Drinks and dining in Groningen

Groningen also has a wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants which we encourage you to explore (see o.a. the Google Maps below)! In our programme (forthcoming) we also offer an informal get-together with drinks on Wednesday 23rd the day before the conference starts. At the main conference location, our University restaurant is located on the ground floor (at the front entrance of the building) and a coffee bar, C-Bar Illy Café, located on the first floor directly above the restaurant (you can access via the stairs in the Restaurant). For opening times see the conference location page.

Travelling to Groningen

Groningen is serviced by the Eelde airport located just a few kilometers from the city but most international visitors elect to arrive by plan at Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. European visitors usually choose to travel from either Amsterdam or Bremen (Germany). Once in Groningen, if your place of stay is located in the city centre, our conference location is very easily reached by foot – or for an extra ‘Dutch’ experience, rent a bike (see below)!

Train in the Netherlands & from Amsterdam to Groningen
From Schiphol Amsterdam airport it is a 2 hour train ride to Groningen. You can find a direct connection from the Schiphol airport train station to Groningen Central station. Whilst tickets can be bought at the yellow machines of Nederlandse Spoorwegen in the station AND at the service desk, booking in advance online is recommended.

Bus in the Netherlands
Most areas in Groningen are easily accessible by public bus. Tickets can be bought in the bus (for an extra fee) or you can buy an anonymous ov-chipcard at the train station (both valid for train and bus). For more information how to get and use an ov-chipcard see: alternative is Flixbus:

From Bremen to Groningen
Many low cost European airlines fly to Bremen airport from multiple European destinations. Like Amsterdam, Bremen is located just 180km east of Groningen. The best way to get to Groningen from Bremen is by bus. Whilst there are different bus companies which offer travel from Bremen to Groningen, a cheap option is Flixbus: Taking the train is also an option, usually a bit more expensive than the bus. You can book train tickets via Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Bike in Groningen
Although our conference location is easily reached by foot in the city centre of Groningen, you can opt to rent a bicycle from the Dutch railroads, a so-called OV-fiets. These are available at the bicycle shop/parking at Groningen Central Station (it’s the bike shop located directly at train platform 2, not the public parking under the train station). For more information on reservations and prices, see:

Hotels and hostels in Groningen

A selection of hotels and hostels in Groningen:

Best Western Hotel Groningen–Centre (city centre)
Radesingel 50
9711 EK Groningen
T +31 50 316 29 55

NH Groningen Hotel (city centre)
Hanzeplein 132
9713 GW Groningen
T +31 50 5848181

The Student Hotel Groningen (city centre)
Boterdiep 9
9712 LH Groningen
T ++31 50 2069161

Martini Hotel (city centre)
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 8
9711 HG Groningen
T +31 50 312 99 19

City Hotel Groningen (city centre)
Gedempte Kattendiep 25
9711 PM Groningen
T +31 50 5886565

Bud Gett Hostels Groningen (city centre)
Rademarkt 3-3A
9711 CS Groningen
T +31 (0)50-588 65 58

Rebel Rebel Hostel (very hipster location, but 30 min walk to the conference – check out bike rental options)
Suikerlaan 21
9743 DA Groningen
T +31 (0) 683695965

NH Hotel de Ville (city centre)
Oude Boteringestraat 43-45
9712 GD Groningen
T +31 20 7018042 E

Het Paleis (The Palace) (city centre)
Boterdiep 111
9712 LM Groningen
T +31 50 3118849

Hotel Corps de Garde (city centre)
Oude Boteringestraat 74
9712 GN Groningen
T +31 50 3145437

Hotel Miss Blanche (city centre)
Hoge der A 4
9712 AC Groningen
T +31 50 8200966

Mercure Hotel Groningen (NB: a 30 min walk to the conference – check out bike rental options)
Martiniplaza Expositielaan 7
9727 KA Groningen
T +31 050 5258400

Sometimes (but do not expect it!!) hotels offer a discount if you mention you are attending a University of Groningen event. Inquire about this directly with the hotel.


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